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License Features

AHT TMS Basic - Trail Version

  • 5 Maximum Users
    Create and manage up to 5 different user accounts.

  • 1 GB Storage
    Upload upto 1 GB of total storage.

  • Analytics
    Get useful insights. Easily find out all your sales, expenses & profits, average rate per mile, dispatcher performance, recently delivered, recently dispatched, delivering soon, operators & equipment expiry and much more.

  • User/Permissions
    Create and manage new users. Whether you want to create a new account for your dispatchers, drivers, or any other user type, AHT TMS provides you with the flexibility to create permissions and assign permission profiles for your users. Making it possible, to create any user account type.

  • Drivers/Operators Management
    Track and monitor all your operators. Assign default payment codes, and track progress. AHT TMS provides you with a full Drivers/Operators management solution.

  • Trucks/Equipment's Management
    Track, and monitor all your equipment's. Whether it’s a truck, trailer, GPS or any other device, AHT TMS allows you to monitor all equipment's. Instantly find out which equipment is available, its status, and much more.

  • Expiries Management
    Stay on top of all your expiries. Whether you're looking to track your trucks license expiry, or any other expiry type; AHT TMS allows you create any expiry type for all your equipment's and operators.

  • Customizable Work Flow
    Easily customize your workflow. AHT TMS is fully customizable to suit your workflow.

  • Estimates
    Easily create, and manage all your estimates and loads. Create trips, assign operators/equipment's, and calculate trip costs. AHT TMS allows you to instantly create estimates, calculating costs & profits allowing to instantly create invoices, bill of sales, driver confirmation and much more.

  • Dispatch Loads & Track History
    Dispatch all your loads, and track all your completed loads. Estimates can be easily transitioned to an active load, saving you time.

  • Multicurrency & Accounting Codes
    AHT TMS is an accounting software, giving you all the necessary tools, to create estimates, manage codes, charges and/or any payment types. AHT TMS allows you to automate all your operator's payment, trip charges, and other information. Whether you charge hourly, mileage, percentage or any other form, AHT TMS is fully customizable for your workflow.

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