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AHT TMS handles all your trucking and dispatching operations in few clicks.
Our software offers complete customizations that suit your business workflow.

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  • Eliminate Work Redundancy
  • Real-time reports
  • Streamlined communication
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All-In-One Trucking & Dispatching Software

Fully customizable cloud-based accounting and transportation management system designed to streamline and automate your workflow.

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AHT TMS provides you with a full accounting solution. You can create codes, code categories, and templates. Easily create estimates, send invoices, assign operators, equipment, and dispatchers. AHT TMS instantly calculates all your costs, profits, and sends automated emails to all involved parties per your configuration.


Whether you have one or a team of dispatchers, AHT TMS allows you or a team to easily create and dispatch loads. Instantly plan all your routes. Our powerful mapping tool and algorithm is designed to provide you with the best routes and distance and hours calculations. AHT TMS makes it easy to assign operators and equipment and tracking who is available.

Save Time & Money
Automate Your Workflow.



Save Time

By using our powerful templating engine, AHT TMS eliminates all redundancy. In an instant, create estimates, invoices, loads, assign drivers, equipment’s, dispatchers, send automated emails and much more!

Save Money

Our trucking & accounting software system is design to fully automate your process saving you time and money.

Grow Your Business!

Our system allows you to fully focus on your business, by providing you all what you need to run your dispatching operation in few clicks.

Supports All Team Sizes!

Create user roles, set permissions, and assign your custom permission profiles to your users. AHT TMS allows you fully control, exactly what each user can see, and do. Allowing you to create any account type.

Ultra fast and easy to use tool.
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Multiple solutions in one place

Permissions Management

Create and manage all your permissions and permission profiles. Our permission manager allows you to control exactly what each user can see and do on our platform. This allows you to create any user account type such as accountant, dispatcher, driver, etc …

Custom User Roles

Our platform makes creating users and assigning roles easy and is fully customizable which allows you create any user type and role.


Gain useful information and insight in Realtime. Track sales, expenses, profits, average rate per mile, dispatcher’s performance, operator’s performance and much more.

Loads Management

Create and manage all your loads. AHT TMS allows you to instantly create loads, trips and assign operators, equipment and all your charge codes in few clicks.

Custom Load Workflow

Custom loads statuses allow you to easily create your own custom workflow. Example load workflow Estimate -> On Hold -> On Route -> Completed.

Mapping Tool

Our mapping tool is designed with the best algorithms to instantly provide you with the best routes for your trips. Whether you are looking to optimize your driving time, driving distance, trucking time, trucking distance, walking time, walking distance, rural driving time and rural driving system, our mapping tools allows you to easily plan your routes for any given time (Departing now, or future date).

Order Tracking

Provide your customers real time access to track their shipments and order status. Every load you create, you have the option to enable shipment tracking. Once enabled, our system will automatically generate an order tracking code which could be emailed to your customers.

Dispatchers Management

Whether you are a one-man team, or have a team of dispatchers, AHT TMS makes managing and paying your team easy. Our custom platform allows you to define how you would like to pay your dispatchers. Once a dispatcher creates a load, our system will automatically handle all payment calculations which can be synced with other accounting software such as QuickBooks.

Operators Management

We support all operator types. Whether you have a team of company drivers, owner operators or contractors, AHT TMS allows you to easily create operators, find out who is available on a certain date and assign default payment codes and/or equipment. Operators can be assigned to any trip.

Equipments Management

Our platform allows you manage and track all your equipment and equipment types. All equipment can be assigned to loads and tracked (see when its available).


Whether you are looking to track your trucks insurance expiry, your drivers driving license expiry date or any other expiry field, our platform allows you to create and define your own expiry fields for all your operators and equipment. You can view and track all expiries directly in our Dashboard or you can enable email notifications (receive email notifications).

Create Estimates

Easily create estimates. In our platform, once you create an estimate, all other documents are automatically created (such as invoices, BOL, etc..) and all accounting calculations.

Create Invoices

Invoices and all other documents are automatically generated per your configuration once a load is created. This saves you time, and money. All invoices can be sent out to your accounting software such as QuickBooks.


Our calendar view provides you with a comprehensive and enhanced dynamic view for all your loads.

Automated Emailing

Send directly from our system. Invoice your customers, send directions to your drivers, and much more. Our platform allows you to define what you want to send, to whom, and when.

Custom Documents

We understand every company has different process and workflow. If you require a custom document to be automatically generated, then for a certain fee, we can implement it.

Choose the plan that’s right for your business.

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Calgary Greencrete

"AHT have sit-up all our IT systems and softwares. As a busy business we value and appreciate the fast responses and the professional costumer services. They always provide us with creative solutions that work best for our business and growth. Initially we signed a 1-year contract with then that was renewed for 3 years. As the last ends in few months, we have notified them of our decision to sign a 5- year contract and included more services that we need."

The Local Detailres

"It's rare to find a company that provides exceptional service at a very reasonable price with what's exactly is promised upfront.I would recommend Aht cloud to anyone who wants to get their websites done, service is exceptional. Most importantly they take pride on their work."

Calgary Green Cleaning Services

"I am the owner of Green Cleaning Services. The team at AHT Cloud are amazing. They exceeded all my expectations. I was able to grow my cleaning company without worrying about data re-entry. They are professional, knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. I would highly recommend them."

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Main Office

Phone:   1 587-834-6567
32 Westwinds Crescent NE #130
Calgary, AB T3J 5L3, CA

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